Comedeq (Medical Equipment Company) is a young dynamic company based on the tradition of family businesses and built on 30 years of management experience in the healthcare industry on an international basis.

Our mission

Comedeq – a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices (AVDZP) – is a Czech company bringing together the manufacturing, assembly, logistics, operating and training services of leading Czech and European companies.

The Comedeq’s main focus lies in primary care and the supply of specialised workplaces and medical practices (surgery, gynaecology, dermatology, dentistry, cardiology or emergency reception or ICU). The possibility of placing these devices not only in buildings (polyclinics, hospitals, etc.) but also in mobile solutions such as tents, portakabins or containers is a great advantage. In addition, Comedeq also supplies support solutions such as storage units, sanitary facilities, temporary accommodation for medical staff or patients, hospital care facilities, sterilization units, laboratory facilities or electrical systems (power generators).

Our products

The delivery can consist of standardised solutions, or individual workplaces and mobile units can be combined and supplemented in various ways and specific equipment can be adapted accordingly (for example, different types of medical furnishing in a building, container or tent).

In cooperation with other Czech manufacturers, Comedeq focuses on so-called “disaster medicine” – i.e. the one in war conflicts, natural disasters or epidemic diseases, where it also supplies isolation hospitalisation and examination units, transport bags, clothing for paramedics and decontamination units.

Comedeq also co-equips operating rooms, anaesthesiology and resuscitation departments, and obstetric and neonatology units.